One does not know how life works when he never tried living in it. It is in one’s desire to seek God and to live in His words that makes him truly quench his own thirst. Indeed, the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary are very honored to have been entrusted with another two (2) young men who willingly seek God and discern for their vocation, priesthood.

On this very day of the Memorial of Immaculate Heart of Mary, the General Vicariate Superior Most Rev. Fr. Dariusz Drzewiecki, MIC, together with the Postulancy Master, Rev. Fr. Jacob Biernacki, MIC, blissfully welcome Lito B. Galinada and Manuel Antonio Lorenzo Farrarons who wholeheartedly asked to be received into Postulancy of MIC Congregation. These two young men who came from different walks of life have been accepted to experience Marian way of life and to discern if their vocation is to follow Christ in this Religious Congregation.

God’s mercy and grace never and will never be gone even in this time of global pandemic. Despite this crisis in the world, Lito and Manuel have shown courage and hope to make it to this Postulancy program. In the midst of this crisis, it wasn’t easy for them to compile all necessary documents for this program and for their travel authority. However, they became more persistent and never got wavering to continue what they had started. “It wasn’t easy to be in a long queue to secure medical health records and to wait for a couple of hours to have the travel authority. You need to come back from one day to another and move from one place to another. Those experiences taught me to be more understanding and patient in life, most especially in this time of pandemic. We have to be optimistic in dealing life. It does not mean if it is difficult, we will stop. We have to continue and trust God in the process. If God wills, I will surely be able to make it and fortunately I am here. Let us keep praying and let us keep the Faith, Marians,” said Lito. “There’s no late in God’s perfect timing. I’m happy I made it here.” Manuel added. Indeed, these two young men have proven that even pandemic itself is nothing compared to God’s greatness and will.

Meanwhile, Fr. Darek, MIC, have shown and extended his gratitude to these newly accepted postulants for choosing MIC and for their persistence. Moreover, he vividly accentuated to the postulants to be open to the community, to the formation master, and most especially to God. It is in one’s openness of his heart that will help him make it to this journey and see what God wants for him. Besides, he also encouraged them to be faithful like Mary, as she has always been faithful to God. Mary has virtues worth emulating, thus these virtues must also be present to postulants, as much as possible. Since this rite of Postulancy acceptance happened in the memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, they are also induced to have Mary as their patron of their Postulancy. With the help of Mother Mary, their spiritual endeavor may become fruitful.

This journey may not be as easy as how others deemed it to be, still, nothing is difficult when you believe that God could solely quench your thirst and do something in accordance with His will. May Manuel and Lito continue to persevere in life to see the path that God prepares for them. With the prayers of the MIC priests and the people, the vibrant guidance of the postulants’ master, and the will of God, surely, they will make the best way they could.” In that way, God alone suffices to quench their thirst.

by Lito