Competition for the best photo and video during the rosary prayer.

I. Contest overview

The Marian Fathers Vocation ministry is inviting all boys and young men to take part in a contest for the most beautiful photo and video, showing how do we pray the Rosary for vocations asking God for more new saint and zealous vocations in the Philippines especially to the Marian Fathers Congregation.

The goal of the “Rosary for vocation” contest is the promotion of vocations and to draw people to pray for them.
We invite you to submit pictures or short videos that capture the moments of praying the rosary for vocations and the beauty of our spiritual life.

You can present your individual prayer, your family, community in your parish/chapel or even the group of your friends.

It is important to prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to entries.

The Marian Fathers Vocation may select some photos for highlight on its websites or display publicly.

II. Conditions of competitions à Eligibility – Who may enter:

The “Rosary for vocations” contest is open only to boys and young men.

III. Contest period – Term:

The “Rosary for vocations” contest begins on October 11, 2020 and ends on November 5, 2020. By submitting an entry, each contestant agrees to the rules of the contest.

IV. Age groups

The contest is open to two age groups:
a) Junior: High School and under
b) Senior: Senior High School and over

V. Techniques

a) PHOTOS – each entrant can submit a maximum of 5 photos.
Each photo if presented separately, or a set, if it forms one unit, must have its own short title.
b) VIDEO – each entrant can submit 1 video of 5 minutes long maximum.

Any photo/video can be taken with any device (camera, mobile, tablet, etc.).

VI. Description of submitted works

Each participant has to include a short description of the submitted work – text containing a maximum of 600 characters, including spaces; it is roughly one-third of the page A4.

VII. Categories – What to enter & what you can present:

The following three categories of the contest are proposed from subjects of special interest to Marian Fathers Vocation:

a) your individual or your family prayer of rosary for vocations,
b) community in your parish/chapel prayer of rosary for vocations,
c) group of your friends’ prayer of rosary for vocations.

VIII. How to Enter

Submission of photos and videos and requested information will only be via our FB Messenger: Marian Fathers Vocation or at email: [email protected]

▪︎One participant can take part in the competition once in 2 different techniques (photo and video) in each category.
▪︎To be eligible for any category, a photograph must have been shot by the entrant.
▪︎Finalists must be prepared to submit an original, unedited digital file.

IX. Judging

Entries must focus on the theme of “Rosary for vocations”!

Photos and videos will be judged based on: creativity, quality (lighting, sharpness, etc.), originality and overall impact.
When evaluating the works, attention will be paid to how the Entrant through his lens was able to present the idea, message or his own, his family or other people’s commitment to praying the rosary for vocations in an original and imaginative way. It will be important how the Entrant was able to showcase his personal originality and technique to influence and promote vocations and how he was able to let his Photos/Videos entry evoke the viewers’ imagination about of the need for vocations.

X. Rewards

The three best and most creative entries will be awarded in two techniques – photo & video; and two age groups – junior & senior.

Prizes will be awarded in the form of gift or voucher.

There are valuable prizes to be won in the competition, such as: Bibles, T-shirts, a package of our best-selling products, etc.

XI. Each entrant has to attach information as follows

Each entry submitted to the competition must necessarily contain the following:

▪︎ Name & family name
▪︎Date of birth
▪︎School grade

▪︎Age group
▪︎ Category

▪︎Home address (in following order!):
– Province:
– City:
– District:
– Barangay:
other information (such as: purok, street, number of house, zip code etc.)
▪︎Mobile number
▪︎Short description of the submitted work – text containing a maximum of 600 characters (including spaces).

XII. Additional information:

If you have any questions or concerns about the contest, please contact Fr. Gregory, MIC: 09292945545 (smart), 09065116955 (globe) or via FB messenger: Marian Fathers Vocation.