Way of the Cross. WYD’ 2016. Station IX – JESUS FALLS THE THIRD TIME


V. Adoramus Te Christe et benedicimus Tibi.

R. Quia per sanctam Crucem tuam redemisti mundum.

From the holy Gospel according to Mark:

Jesus said to his apostles, “All of you will have your faith shaken.” […] Peter said to him, “Even though all should have their faith shaken, mine will not be.” Then Jesus said to him, “[…] This very night […] you will deny me three times.”

 (Mk 14:27, 29-30)

Just before your Passion, Jesus, you showed your disciples doubt as a fall and as the cause of subsequent falls. Doubt, which entails escape, dispersion, treason. Doubt not in oneself, not in one’s own strength, but doubt in you — you said: All of you will have your faith in me shaken.

Doubt, which takes away my strength and knocks it to the ground. Doubt, whether I will ever rise from the fall. Each of my sins entails another. With each subsequent sin — I increasingly lose hope. Doubt, which tells me: “This is a habit now; it is stronger than you!” This doubt is ultimately doubt in you! That you are not strong enough to lift me up. That you do not want to pick me up. Can you even love someone like me? Doubt in the reality of the Passover. Doubt in the purpose and meaning of my life — in your Providence and mercy.

Counsel the doubtful! But what do we advise a helpless person? How do we counsel well a person set in their helplessness and trapped in despair? How do we show that doubt is a lie — about us and about you?

Lord Jesus, we thank you for all the questions that arise in us when we stop at this station. We do not want easy answers… We ask for humble openness to your Spirit – the Spirit of Counsel received at Confirmation — to His wisdom and insight. May He inspire us with the appropriate questions and the true answers. We praise you for all those who support doubters and do not leave them alone — especially in the doubt of the possibility of repentance and deliverance from weakness. We praise you for their loved ones: family, friends, and mentors; for confessors, spiritual directors, and therapists. For all those who do not lose faith in people. And in you. Amen.



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